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About our Mission and Ministry


We strive to welcome all...

  • Cherishing our inheritance of Christian faith and worship
    There is something special about meeting for worship on a site where people have met for over 1300 years to hear the scriptures and sermons, and to share the bread and wine in Communion.

  • we strive to welcome all
    We're fairly accessible... and are working on the ways in which we're not so accessible.

  • and share the joy of the Gospel message in Christ
    'Gospel' means good news ... it is about joy and hope.

  • through concern for the wholeness of individuals
    There is no-one with whom we cannot pray...
    and there is no situation beyond prayer...
    and Action goes alongside Prayer...
    hence our commitment to support mission and ministry beyond our own walls...
    Ministry of reconciliation is available

  • and active involvement in community life in all its diversity
    Which includes welcoming the community into our building for arts events, to enjoy fellowship and hospitality, and just to find space.
    And our members living and working to enrich the wider community in their daily lives...

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