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Called to Freedom


This Lent Course is written for first use in 2015 – a year in which the 800th anniversary of Magna Carta was remembered. The spirit of Magna Carta has acted as a model for defining laws and constitutions that seek to assure freedom from abuse of power.

Many other anniversaries act as reminders of times when societal freedom has been
so compromised by the actions of some that conflict has ensued.


In preparing the sessions of this course book I have had in mind the two key words ‘Remember’ and ‘Freedom’ that are rooted in those anniversaries.


I have been conscious that my own faith journey has been significantly shaped by traditions that ‘remember’, as for example in the pattern of the liturgical year and of commemorating saints’ days as well as in the focal remembrance of the Eucharist.

I have been brought up within Anglican tradition and have been blessed with sharing that journey within other traditions during my years of ordained ministry: particularly often within the Methodist and Roman Catholic traditions, but with many others as well.

I hope that those who engage with this course will find that my own reflections within the material collated here provide a source of stimulating thought and reflection – I would not expect complete agreement ☺

The sequence of the sessions in this course is deliberately designed to echo something of the shape of salvation history:

from Creation through Exodus,

Exile and Reconciliation to Eucharist,

Vocation and Pentecost.

The resources of scripture, hymnody, art, songs and notes in each session are designed to be rather like a ‘base camp’ for your journey, whether you follow the sessions as an individual or in a group. Take what you need, journey freely, and remember to pray as you go.


Revd Colin Alsbury

January 2015

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Please download the .pdf file of the course by clicking here

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