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Hopes for the future

Following the retirement of our vicar in January 2024, we realised that before we started asking ‘What sort of person do we want as our new vicar?’ we had a great opportunity to look at ourselves and our place in the community and ask ‘What sort of church do we want to be in the future?’

We set about finding out the views of the congregation, of course, but also of the wider local community - churchgoer and non-churchgoer - through a widely publicised survey ...
The survey - our hopes for our community of Frome

There were just four questions:

  1. What is Frome to you?

  2. What works well?

  3. What’s difficult about Frome?

  4. What are your hopes and priorities for Frome?

The results were drawn together by a tech savvy member of our team, who collated the results into the spidergrams and word clouds you see here, which were then fed back to participants at an open meeting ... 

The open meeting - what steps should we be taking next to start to achieve some of these aspirations?

We invited congregation and local community to an open meeting to discuss the survey results and to hear the thoughts of some of the leaders of the local community - person who runs the local food bank, one of our local Pioneers, the co-ordinator of the local branch of the British Legion.

In small groups we brainstormed what our next steps should be to start to achieve our hopes and aspirations, at the end of which we each wrote down the one we favoured the most - see 'The Blue Ones'.

Next Steps-page-001.jpg

And - finally - we started to think about what we would like to see in our new vicar ....

The discussion  - who we want

We started this discussion at the open meeting, writing our favoured quality on post it notes which were then collated ...

Yellow ones-page-001.jpg

... and continued it at a Sunday service a few weeks later, asking everyone who wanted to to list three qualities they would like to see in our new vicar ...

... and the results may be seen in our parish profile due out very soon ... watch this space!
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