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The present ring of eight bells are by no means the originals yet they are of some antiquity. There were bells by the early C15 as they are mentioned in the petition for founding of the St Nicholas Chapel. By the late C16 there were five bells and a chiming clock according to the churchwardens account books.

The present eight (in the key of C# major) are;


Bell                  Weight             Maker                                                  Date


Treble              6.5cwt             Wm Cockey Bell Founder                  1724

2                      7 cwt               Wm Cockey Bell Founder                  1724

3                      10cwt              Wm Bilbie of Chewstoke                   1788

4                      12cwt              John Lott                                             1624

5                      14cwt              I L [John Lott]                                     1624

6                      17cwt              Wm Cockey Bell Founder                  1746

7                      22cwt              Robt Wells of Aldbourne                    1792

Tenor               31cwt              I L [John Lott]                                     1622


The survival of Nos 4, 5 and the Tenor through the English Civil War is of note as they bear badge and motto of Charles, Prince of Wales (4 & 5) or the royal arms (Tenor)

Stedman TriplesSt John's Frome
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The recording of Stedman Triples that can be heard by clicking on the link above was made some years ago and published on vinyl as a record.

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