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The East window (right) was made by Horwoods of Mells and shows St John the Baptist baptizing Jesus (left panel), The Crucifixion (centre panel) and the mystical marriage of St Katharine (St Catherine of Alexandria) where she is shown in the presence of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the Christ child (right panel). This window was probably installed during the mid 1870's when significant restoration work was done under the supervision of John Loughborough Pearson.

The window on the South side of the chancel (below, right) came from St John's and was originally the centre panel of the 1840's East window there made by William Wailes. The East window at St John's was replaced in the mid 1860's by Revd W J E Bennett and some glass formed a West window for St John's whilst this one light was  moved to Woodlands during the 1870's.

The window at the East end of the South Aisle (left) also shows the Blessed Virgin Mary and Christ child in one light, and St Katharine in the other.

EastWindow - horwood.jpg
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