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Well dressing

Major factors in St Aldhelm's choice of this site on which to found a new church and community at the end of the seventh century were the fresh springs which rose from the ground here.

The well used by parishioners over the centuries at the corner of the churchyard was rebuilt in the 1860s and is fed from the Gentle Street spring.


The blessing of this well and spring takes place each year on the Saturday nearest the feast of St Aldhelm (25th May).


The tradition of well dressing began as part of the Frome 1300 celebrations in 1985, and over the past few years our school has taken part by colouring in designs and bringing in flowers to decorate the well.

This is the 2024 well dressing on the theme 'Epic Journeys'.

Well dressing 2023 2.jpg
Epic journeys.jpg
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