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St John's holds regular, seasonal and special services
Regular services

Holy Communion each Sunday at 9.45am

Online Zoom service at 8.45am each Sunday

Services are listed on the home page of the website, in the parish magazine Inspire and displayed on the church noticeboards.

The church is usually open from 9.30am to 3.30pm daily for visitors and private prayer.


Baptisms of children and/or adults can be arranged as part of a regular service or as a separate service. 

When children are born these days there are a number of options available to parents or guardians: A civil Welcome ceremony at a register office or other registered building, a service of welcome and thanksgiving, or a service of baptism where parents and godparents make a commitment to nurture the child in the Christian faith.

We are happy to help you choose whichever form of ceremony is appropriate for you, your child and your own faith journey.

If you are looking to arrange a baptism, or service of welcome and thanksgiving then please visit us during our Open Doors session which is a drop in session held in church on the second Saturday of every month.  It's a chance to meet the vicar and discuss your wishes and plans. Once you have met with the Vicar and completed the relevant form we should be able to plan a date and time for the service. We might be able to hold a date provisionally before then but any booking is only firm once that meeting has taken place and the form has been received and checked.


If you live outside Frome it will be necessary for you to be in contact with your local parish to get their goodwill for the service to take place in Frome - this circumstance principally relates to those who have been married here, or to couples who have previously had children baptised here, and wish to continue their connection.

You can complete the relevant form below in advance of visiting. 


Your wedding is an incredibly special occasion and there are lots of choices for you to make about the ceremony.  There are also legal rules about who can get married in church.  The Church of England has a dedicated website to help guide you through all of the choices when planning your church wedding.  

Our guidance notes have been revised Jan 2021 in light of the impact of Covid and of Brexit.

At St John's we hold an Open Doors drop in session held in church on the second Saturday of every month; 10am to 12.15pm. 

It's a chance to meet the vicar and discuss your requirements and plans.  The notes above will help you complete the application form which you can start before you come or talk through when you visit.

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