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Our site has seen a number of church buildings: from the first saxon church founded by St Aldhelm in 685AD, through its later substantial stone replacement, to the Norman structure of the late C12 and its gradual extension until reaching the present footprint around 1420.

The centuries have also seen much internal change: from saxon simplicity to medieval glory, followed by radical puritan simplification and then nineteenth century restoration and decoration in the context of Anglo-Catholic revival and the Oxford movement.

From our archives and others we can piece together some of that story:

More about our archives

To find out more about our church building look at:

Images of our church through time


The historian and broadcaster, Michael Wood, talking about our Saxon roots at

Archaeological investigations in 2021

Details of our findings can be found here

Past incumbents of the benefice include:

William James Early Bennett

from 1852 to 1886

wjebennett med.jpg

William J Torrance

from 1938 to 1950

wjtorrance med.jpg

Alfred Francis Algernon Hanbury-Tracy

from 1886 to 1898

afahanburytracy med.jpg

Patrick Cowley

from 1951 to 1966

pcowley med.jpg

William Frederick Herbert Randolph

from 1899 to 1938

wfhrandolph med.jpg

Patrick Reynolds Mitchell

from 1967 to 1973

patrickmitchell med.jpg

Michael John Higgins

from 1974 to 1979

mjhiggins med.jpg

Geoffrey John Wrayford

from 1980 to 1992

gjwrayford med.jpg

John Gordon Pescod

from 1993 to 2001

jgpescod med.jpg
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